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  1. Chaya Rubenstein

    This could be a very dear friend of our family – Zena Kemp. Her family lived on the West Side – near Garfield Park, I believe. At this point, I don’t know where to find her – her last known address was, I believe, on S. King Drive. Her son, Charles Kemp, is a former Chicago Police officer – retired now. I know that she was very active (a wonderful, feisty, outspoken woman!) in civil rights activities. She might be at least 90. I will search for her, & let you know, but you might have an intern or an employee who would know more. I also suggest that you might contact Barbara Brotman, who writes for the Chicago Trib. She recently wrote an article about families that employed “day” nannies – I think she was collecting stories for a book, so some who wrote her might know participants you’re looking for.


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