2 thoughts on “Watch Video from Our 50th Anniversary Event

  1. Mr. Charles Smith

    Do you have any photos of the “Chicago Core Members” who staged the sit – ins in the BOE offices on Lasalle Street at the start of the boycott?
    Chicago Core also held street rallies at the Willis Wagon Sites. 6900 South Lowe Street with then Alderman Charles Chew and Community Activist Ms. Rosie Simpson prior to the boycott.
    Some of those Core Members are still alive today.
    Also consult with Ms. Rosie Simpson, Mr. Bennett Johnson, Mr.Tim Black, City of Chicago Police Files and 1962 /63 news paper articles for photos of (still alive) Core members who participated in that “one week sit in ” event.
    Post those photos and see what response you receive.

    1. '63 Boycott Post author

      Thanks Mr. Smith! We don’t have any photos currently – if you happen to have some, we would be happy to scan them and post them on our site. We are interviewing Rosie Simpson and Timuel Black for our film this month, and two of our producers just sat in on a panel with Bennett Johnson about the boycott at Northeastern University.


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