46 thoughts on “Is this Bernie Sanders being arrested?

          1. smulder

            If you arrange the still of Sanders sitting on the floor, next to his yearbook photo, next to the frame of the arrest, so you can see them all on the screen at the same time, there is not really any ambiguity. It is the same guy. I mean, if human beings can recognize faces in photographs, then those are three pictures of the same person.

  1. JonesAlex

    You should be aware that Sanders was not present at the Selma march (depicted in the top left picture), but wás in fact present at the March on Washington.

    The controversy over the bottom right picture has been thoroughly disbunked as nonfactual. Per: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/2/13/1484738/-Sanders-Photographs-Civil-Rights-and-Responsible-Reporting-An-Update

    I hope you’ll include these facts into your article!

    As for the video, can you answer me this: The video says 73rd. The newspaper article says 74th. What were the sources of either streetname?

    Kind regards,


    1. '63 Boycott Post author

      Thanks we will correct the info you mention. As for the address discrepancy, a few things. 1) the original Tribune article says one of the young people arrested was at &5th and Lowe, one at 73rd and Lowe, and one at 74th and Lowe, so they were all relatively closeby. 2) According to our interview with parent organizer Rosie Simpson, she told us the protest was at 73rd and Lowe. This article in the Tribune mentions the 73rd and Lowe site ( bit.ly/1oHAj8b ), and in our interview with Simpson, she referred to the location being between a railroad track and an alley. So my guess is the protest site occupied space between 75th and 73rd, or in that vicinity they were marching. There is no record of a different protest against school segregation in August of 1963 at 74th and Lowe, or 75th and Lowe, so we figure it must be the same one.

      1. Alex

        Thanks so much for the response! And especially the correction.

        I’m going to guess this page will be getting a lot of attention shortly and I don’t want Jonathan Capehart’s misinformation lying around.

        We are having a discussion on the topic of the video over here: https://www.reddit.com/r/SandersForPresident/comments/4642tj/is_this_bernie_sanders_being_arrested/

        Sean King posted it on NY Daily News, so your video is getting traction. But I regret King not waiting for proof either way.

  2. RPDC

    Hi guys –

    This is amazing if it turns out to be Sanders. I’d suggest posting as many still frames (at the highest rez) as you can create, and then you can sit back and let the interweb work its crowdsourced magic. (See, e.g., the “forensic ear shape analysis” that people did for the Capehart Hoax).

    Nice work!

    1. RPDC

      Hi again – realized that it was poor form to lob that suggestion without pitching in myself, so just sent a donation in case it might help with the effort. I’m guessing that other Bernie supporters might be similarly inclined (they’re getting something of a reputation for that whole “pitching in” thing). Any others out there?

    1. '63 Boycott Post author

      I believe the footage may be dated wrong. We are trying to confirm that. It was an ongoing protest through August that took place on various days. We don’t know which day the footage is from exactly, nor exact dates of the protest, but we’ll try to find out.

      1. Psilox

        Awesome, appreciate the response. Looking forward to hearing your findings! It’s a very interesting piece of history!

  3. RobB

    Please compare the watch Bernie is wearing in the still photo (seated) with the watch being worn by the youth being arrested in the video. Not conclusive, but pretty darned dead-ringer match. I’d give the video 99+% probability.

  4. Tore Sinding Bekkedal

    Hi! Very interesting film material, thank you very much for bringing it to light. That said, this is clearly a low-quality film scan to a low-quality videotape (guessing VHS, Beta or U-matic?). Since the whole world is trying to scrutinize individual frames, I’m positive it would be useful to get this reel properly scanned on a modern high-resolution scanner. Is this an option, or is the original film lost? There is a world of detail in these frames that we’re not seeing.

      1. Tore Sinding Bekkedal

        Thank you! Also note that there’s a cameraman with a far superior Bolex-Paillard 16mm camera, presumably working for TV news. If _that_ footage survives, it could be cinema-quality.

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  7. CarlJ

    I found another possible film segment from the restored film “The March” at the National Archives. This is one year later at the MLK march August 28, 1963 in D.C. At time point 17:00 a man walks by who bears a striking resemblance to these other photos of Sanders from 1962. Could this be him as well?


    A GIF slowed down of the 2 second segment:

    Use the Html5 viewer option in youtube to slow the hi-def movie down: youtube.com/html5

  8. YorkshireTeaLover

    Another striking resemblance is the hairline of the young man being arrested (at 12 seconds) and the youngster on the yellow-highlighted picture. I’m not even taking into account his glasses, his nose and his watch…

  9. NotMeUs

    If available, police records and photos of who was arrested at this location could be used in a process of elimination to rule out other possible persons.
    Certainly looks to be Bernie Sanders and he was definitely resisting arrest in the video.
    Court proceedings might be useful if they describe how he was resisting arrest, such as resisting being put in police vehicle.

  10. Lawrence DeCoster

    Don’t remember Bernie being at the protests, but I have forgotten most of those who had been there. I have one identification for you. In the photo of Bernie face-on with two other people, the person on
    his right, the photo’s left is Bob Brown who was very active. The Tribune at the time published the mug shots of those arrested as a center section to the paper. Bob is there as I am and a batch more. I think I have a copy of it and I’ll look to see if Sanders was shown.

  11. M E R

    Snopes is notoriously unreliable as a source of truth. I look at Factcheck.org from the Annenberg School of Journalism. I have no doubt a ton of anti-Bernies will go the birthed route and say the article in the Chicago paper was planted just in case 45 years later Bernie ran for national office.

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  13. NotMeUs

    It looks like the video was taken from on top of the van in the photo. Two people with a tripod, with camera just out of frame. Didn’t notice that until I saw a color version of the photo.

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